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An easy to follow plan to build your own monthly dividend portfolio

Imagine being able to confidently reach your annual dividend goals of receiving extra monthly passive income. Learn how to set up a plan to meet your specific needs.

Fresh Dividends Academy will help you create and implement a simple plan to follow year over year. Dividend investing is a long-term strategy you need to break down into yearly bite-sized pieces.

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You’re stuck and not sure where to start

We’ll show you a simple four-step process

and you know what?

I’ve been in your shoes.. and there is an easier way!

Technically a dividend investor since I was 5, in December 2019 I decided to start a new dividend portfolio. My goal was to receive a consistent monthly dividend payment within one year. And by September 2020 I reached my first dividend goal.

With an organized process, intentional action, and direct deposit I reached my Year 1 goal ahead of schedule.

And I want that for you! I’ll share the steps I take to reach my goals year over year along with a few interesting dividend math formulas you won’t find elsewhere.

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